What do you think is the future of Art as a Tool for Social change?

Posted: May 9th, 2022

1) Give your own definition of each of these terms with regards to visual and performance art.
You may answer in bullet point form at with 1-4 sentences per term. Give several examples of artists that you know of in each medium. The remaining answers below should then be 1-2 paragraphs per response.
Digital Art
Site Specific
2) Cultural Representation vs. Appropriation in Art
As our world has become more globalized, cultural appropriation within both “kitch” and fine art has become a point of discussion on many levels. Read the text and watch at least two of the videos within the article. Discuss whether you think the argument is important and why. What past examples of appropriation can you remember witnessing and what perception did you have at the time. What is your perception of the difference between cultural cross-pollination versus appropriation?

Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

3) Below are 5 choices for reading in the Caribbean Writer:
-p.36 Sugarcane’s Black Snow, Sasenarine Persaud
-p.42 In Paradise with Audre Lorde, Winston “Bobby” Nugent
-p.80 The Shapeshifters, Ines P. Rivera Prosedocimi
-p.87 Undertakings and Unknowings, Corrine Binnings
-p.109 Disposition, Shavar C. Whyte
Chose 2 and use your critical thinking, cultural reference and study of past art movements to comment on your perception of its meaning, its impact and significance in the current political, social and ultral climate that we are in. Which of the categories below does it fall under and why?
Lyric Poetry
Narrative Poetry and Prose
4) Ancient to Contemporary:
Art in Protest | Art as Protest | Art is Protest
After reading and viewing the materials for this Unit on Visual and Performance art, form a discussion around the themes in the article below as it relates to the current “Great Awakening” and Uprisings of 2020. Observe the different forms of art that emerged and comment of what the importance or significance of these images, videos and displays of artistic protest had on the duration and impact of the movement. Does this shift your perception of art as a tool not just for self expression but for social and political change? What do you think is the future of Art as a Tool for Social change?

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