What do you think the story says about women and society?

Posted: March 24th, 2022

Read the story of an hour in the pdf and
Think about the following prompts:
This story focuses almost entirely on a single character, Mrs. Mallard. What kind of person is she? Think about the things that Chopin tells us about her as well as what she doesn’t tell us about her. What does Chopin tell us about her? What are we ultimately to conclude about Mrs. Mallard? Analyze her character based on what we’re given in the short story.
Many critics view this story, from 1894, as an early feminist work. Let’s think about the depiction of gender here. Look for everything in the story that might encourage a reader to think about gender. What do you think the story says about women and society?
Symbolism can occur in many ways in a story, including things such as names, objects, descriiptions, and so on. What kinds of things does Chopin introduce in the story that could be viewed as symbolic? What larger ideas or concepts might these things symbolize?
Let’s think about Chopin’s technique. Even though it’s a very short story, Chopin manages to achieve a number of technical effects. Look at the choices she makes as a writer in terms of introducing and withholding information, diction (word choice), pacing, using sensory imagery, and so on. What effects does she accomplish with these choices? How do they help shape the way we understand and think about the story?

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