What duties might this position require? What education or experience is expected of applicants?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Resumés and cover letters are 2 ways writing is used in the professional world. These documents are often a potential employee’s introduction to a prospective employer and can be key in career advancement.
For this assignment, you will identify an employment opportunity you are interested in. This might be a job you are currently considering or a job you hope to obtain in the future. You will create both a cover letter responding to your desired job opportunity and a reflection about the process you used to gather information about that job and the company.
This assignment shows how effectively you are able to construct a piece of writing appropriate for a career- or discipline-specific situation.
Locate a job opportunity that interests you.
Research key information about your chosen job opportunity and the company (e.g., mission statement, hiring manager, past accomplishments, etc.). You may find this information by visiting the company’s website and searching social networking sites (e.g., LinkedIn®) or job boards.
Before you complete your cover letter, consider these questions:
What duties might this position require?
What education or experience is expected of applicants?
What is the company’s reputation, goal, or mission? How would hiring you help the company achieve that goal or mission?
What salary might you expect? Is it comparable to the same position within other companies?
Is there a possibility to grow or advance within this organization?
Before you complete your letter, consider these questions about your unique qualifications and work history:
What makes you an effective employee and person that others want to work with?
What qualities, habits, and career skills make you a good candidate for this position?
How might your cover letter reflect any of the following traits: curiosity, openness, engagement, creativity, or metacognition (self-awareness)?
Complete a minimum 350-word cover letter for your identified job opportunity that incorporates the suggestions, format, and tone from the Cover Letter Guide you reviewed at the beginning of this assignment.
When your cover letter is complete, use 1 of the following methods to create space at the end of your cover letter:
Insert a page break at the end of your cover letter.
Use the keyboard’s enter/return button to create several spaces at the end of your cover letter.
Complete a reflection addressing the following questions in at least 1 sentence each:
What was your research process? What did you find and how did you find it?
How did you determine the credibility of your sources?
How did your research influence the cover letter?
When you looked at websites, job postings, and other resources related to this career field, what did you notice about how people in this profession communicate? Were any words, ideas, or phrases prominent?
To whom did you address your letter? Why did you select this person?
What are some examples from your letter that demonstrate a respectful and professional tone?

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