What is a “scholarly” paper? àA peer-reviewed article in a social scientific journal

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Pick a social research topic that sparks your interest and is amenable to quantitative, survey-based investigation. Examples could be: experiences and perceptions of racial profiling; gender dynamics in the workplace; family history and academic achievement; and many others.
Your assignment is to collect and read five scholarly articles relating to your topic and write a 2-3-page, double-spaced paper reviewing these. Your paper should consist of the following parts: 1) an introductory paragraph where you state the general topic and reasons for your interest; 2) – 6) one-paragraph reviews of each of the five scholarly articles; 7) a concluding paragraph in which you return to your initial topic and, based on your research, frame a more specific research question or hypothesis for your own future use.
**All articles should be fully and properly cited (author, title, journal, date of publication, page numbers of journal) in a Works Cited section at the end of your paper.
***What is a “scholarly” paper? àA peer-reviewed article in a social scientific journal. Examples of such are American Sociological Review, Work and Occupations, Journal of Marriage and Family, Criminology, etc. Access to many such journals and their articles can be gained by visiting JSTOR at www.jstor.org

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