What is a takeaway? A key practice, technique, or idea to be remembered.

Posted: March 14th, 2022

Wtach video answer questons https://bolt.bloomu.edu/d2l/le/content/3320704/viewContent/29519975/View then complete worksheet format provided in attachemnts WATCH AND SEARCH for STANDARDS Worksheet To make this easier for me to grade, provide your answers in a different colored text (but not yellow or any other light color =) Try blue or my favorite color strawberry! My Bell Ringer: This class is titled Principles of Teaching, and the principles we study are effective teaching practices that work across grade levels and content areas. I read and reviewed over 400 scientific articles to write Uncommon Sense Teaching and have 22 years of teaching experience in rural and urban public schools; I feel confident in what I am teaching you and the work I am having you complete. Later, when you get admitted into the major, you will take courses that specialize in the content area and grade level of your program. Not all of you will be 10th grade Social Studies ELA teachers, but I am certain that each of you found techniques in the lesson analysis that you completed for homework that you will want to adopt in your own teaching. Let’s call these techniques your takeaways. What is a takeaway? A key practice, technique, or idea to be remembered. One example could be something you didn’t realize before about teaching, but now that you have seen it on video, you understand it more clearly. Generate a list of 3 takeaways from the Lesson Analysis: 1. 2. 3. Your Turn: What main idea from this lesson would you be able to teach to your future students? Think in terms of the content being presented on the bystander effect. 4. Your Turn: What did you think about the hook in the 10th grade History/ELA lesson? 5. Your Turn: What did you learn about putting students in groups? 6. Your Turn: What sort of prep work needed to be done ahead of time for the learning stations? 7. Your Turn: Name one principle of teaching presented in the portion of the lesson body that occurred after students worked in their small groups. 8. My Hook: What has been your experience with standards? What have you done with them? What do you recall reading in Uncommon Sense Teaching about standards? 9. Your Turn: In the lesson you are planning, where do you want your students to end up? In other words, what do you want your students to know and be able to do after your lesson? 10. Your Turn: Take 5 minutes and go onto BOLT and find a standard that has to do with your topic or the skill you are planning on teaching. Use my PDFs not SAS. Write the topic or skill for your lesson: 11. What grade level are you targeting? 12. Write 1 or more standards you think might work. 13. Exit Ticket: We covered difficult territory today! In fact, it might help you to watch this lesson again to consolidate your learning =) What is one thing you learned in this lesson that you didn’t know before about standards? 14.

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