What is the goal of Christian education? 2) What methodologies are appropriate?

Posted: March 14th, 2022

The final assignment of the course is a philosophy of Christian education (15 pages minimum, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font), which is a statement of your beliefs about the central issues in Christian education. This philosophy (and the ideas underpinning it) should guide you in the decisions that you make as a teacher.
Your philosophy should express your biblical and theological perspective on the nature of reality (Metaphysics), the nature of knowledge (Epistemology) and the nature of value (Axiology) as applied to central issues in Christian Education (these terms are defined and discussed in Anthony/Benson, chapter 13) (ATTACHED). Also, remember that your philosophy must be executed in a particular context, so, include brief, but concrete examples or illustrations from your teaching context.
In order to help you formulate your philosophy, do some analytical and reflective thinking before you begin to write. The list below contains some questions to guide your thinking. Your philosophy of Christian education is not simply a list of answers to those questions, but they will be useful in getting the cognitive gears turning.
Use the information you have from your personal experience, what you’ve seen practiced in formal education settings, what you’ve learned from class readings and assignments, what you’ve discovered from researching your institutional report, and what you learned from your classmates/colleagues to consider how your philosophy would address some or all of these areas:
1) What is the goal of Christian education?
2) What methodologies are appropriate?
3) How have the philosophies we have studied this semester affected your view of Christian education?
4) Would evaluations and assessments be included in your philosophy? Why and what kind? If not, why not?
5) What role might discipline and grace play in your philosophy of education?
6) What would the curriculum look like? What topics would you include?
7) How do the theological truths about God impact the aspects of Christian education: teacher, student, methods, materials, etc.?
8) What is your view of Christian education in an online context?

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