What is the organizational mission? Is the organization true to its mission?

Posted: March 9th, 2022

Good Afternoon,
Please follow the directions below, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I have attached a previous Agency descriiption paper that I wrote please use for this paper since is the same agency (elementary public school) DOE (department of education), Attached is also the Audit instrument to be used for this paper and the Ethics Audit Reamer article. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and answer the question to the best of your knowledge
Organizational/ Ethics Audit
The organizational ethics audit assignment consists of three elements: an agency descriiption, an audit of potential agency ethical risk areas and an initial action plan.
Part I: Please complete a descriiption of the organization in which you interned or are completing your internship. In this part, you will describe the organization and its practices.
What is the organizational mission? Is the organization true to its mission?
Describe the range of social services provided and the populations served.
Describe the organizational structure.
How are the key decisions made?
Can you perceive a distinctive agency culture?
Identify the main organizational “stakeholders” and powerbrokers (i.e., board, funders, local community/neighborhood, government, political leaders, regulatory bodies, legal systems, clients, staff, constituency groups, other organizations, etc.).
What is important for each stakeholder group?
What is the nature of the agency’s relationship with the community?
What is the agency’s reputation?
Does the agency collaborate with other organizations?
Parts II-III of the assignment call on you to conduct an ethics audit of the organization utilizing The Social Work Ethics Audit below. The Audit instrument was developed by well-known social work ethics expert, Professor Frederic Reamer, and it helps you assess the ongoing operations and practices according to professional ethical standards.
In Part II of the assignment, you will assess the agency on a range of potential ethical risk areas.
In Part III of the Audit, using the Audit instrument, you will choose one area that you have deemed to be of high risk or of the highest ethical risk. You will recommend an action plan to resolve the ethical risk. Please read through the entire audit document to familiarize yourself with its elements prior to completing the assessment. The Ethics Audit instrument to be used will be provided to the class. A good reference for this assignment is this article by Reamer:
Reamer, F. G. (2000). The social work ethics audit: A risk management strategy. Social Work, 45, 355-366 (Canvas).

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