. What is the research question? 2. Why is this interesting/Why should you study this? P

Posted: March 17th, 2022

Tell me about your research idea. This can be as formal or as informal as you want. This research paper should be a Median Voter model as discussed in the previous semester. What I expect to learn from your research idea: 1. What is the research question? 2. Why is this interesting/Why should you study this? Please be sure to include the referendum itself with a link to a description on Ballotpedia or another website. The second portion of this assignment is the data set. At this point, you should all have (at the very least), a list of counties and the percentage of votes in favor/against the referendum. I would expect there to be more variables than just that. The data set should include: 1. Counties, municipalities, or other local voting districts. 2. Percentage of votes in favor of the referendum. 3. Your main explanatory variable. Please also include (can put at the end of your Word document with the research idea): 1. A list of sources for each of the variables used. I know, this can be an annoying thing to go back and collect if you don’t have it readily available, but it will pay off to do it now rather than later. 2. The expected sign of your main explanatory variable, and a brief explanation as to why you expect that sign. If there are multiple variables you are particularly interested in, include the expected sign and brief explanation for each of them.

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