What kinds of communication — oral and written — do you use on the job? How often do you write each day or week?

Posted: February 25th, 2022

My career is Pharmacy Technician.
Purpose: The interview will allow you to obtain information about your career and communication responsibilities from a person currently working in the field. You will gather information that you and others in your curriculum need or want to know.
Directions: Interview a professional in a career field that you are interested in pursuing. It does not have to be an entry-level position, but one that you hope to acquire as you gain more experience in this career field. You may conduct this interview in person, over the phone, or via e-mail.
In order to complete a successful interview, you should obtain the following information:
place of employment
how long employed there
length of experience in career
relevant background, credentials, and education that qualify professional to work in field
Job-Specific Questions
Why did you want to work in this career?
What are your main responsibilities?
What kinds of communication — oral and written — do you use on the job?
How often do you write each day or week?
Who are your main readers?
How important is what you write to the successful performance of your job?
Is writing important to your promotion?
What would be a major fault in a piece of writing in your profession?
What do you like best and least about this job?
Would you do it all again if you could go back in time?
Questions to Help You Enter the Field
What advice can you give to me that will enable me to be successful in this career field?
What skills/traits/behaviors are employers seeking in hiring someone in this career field?
Use the questions above to aid in conducting the interview. In addition, ask at least three questions of your own that address particular areas in which you may be interested. Some possible subject areas for questions are below:
career opportunities
technology in the field
Written Assignment Requirements:
no more than 1-2 full page(s)
Must include the appropriate format (header and message).
Must use an appropriate style.
Must include an introduction that identifies the purpose, states when and how the interview was conducted, provides information about the person interviewed (name, position, company, credentials, relevant background information), and explains the reason you chose this particular person to interview.
Must include a body that PARAPHRASES (puts into your own words) the information obtained in the interview.
Must utilize an appropriate format that DOES NOT include a questions and answer method.
Must utilize page design features (headings, bullets, lists, appropriate font type and size, etc.).
Must include a conclusion that analyzes and interprets your findings from the interview, explains what you learned about the career and importance of communication in the workplace, and explains whether or not the interview benefits you as you prepare to enter the workplace.
Must include an appropriately formatted Work Cited page listing the interview in MLA format.
May obtain tutoring from the REAL Center, Virtual REAL Center, or ILC to improve writing and increase success.
Must complete as a Word document that is submitted through the assignment submission link in Blackboard by the due date.
Model Report (for Interview with a Professional Assignment)Model Report (for Interview with a Professional Assignment)
The following Memorandum Report is from a former student who completed this assignment and did an exemplary job in organizing and presenting the information to a lay reader (the instructor) about this career field. Please use it as model to see how someone else completed this assignment. As you refer to it in completing your memorandum, just make sure that you do not use the same wording or sentence structure that this memo uses. Your report should reflect your tone and your style as an individual writer. In addition, remember to use a header in the upper right-hand corner of the memo for each additional page. This has been omitted in posting this sample. The last page is a Works Cited page and the source should be cited on a separate page in your report.
TO: Instructor’s Name
FROM: Joe Smith (pseudonym)
SUBJECT: Interview with Boyd Spencer of Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility
I chose to interview Boyd Spencer, an operations manager at Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Durham, NC, in order to learn more about opportunities in my career and to assess the communication responsibilities of a manager in my workplace. The interview was completed in person at our worksite in Durham, NC, and was an engaging conversation on June 16, ####. In this memo, I will provide you with insightful information about Mr. Spencer that was obtained during the interview process. You will learn about his background, his job responsibilities, communication in his workplace, and his own assessment of his job. Great overview of what is to be covered in the memo!
Mr. Spencer graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Virginia and has more than eight years of experience in the areas of equipment design, start-up automation projects, and management. He has worked at International Paper as a shift manager, in addition to having worked at Merck Manufacturing Division in Elkton, VA. Mr. Spencer arrived at Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility within the past three weeks to begin his role as an operations manager, and he has been a part of Merck’s vision for nearly 3 years. He feels good about being at Merck because of the impact that our company has on the well-being of society. For example, the FDA recently approved Gardasil, a cervical cancer vaccine discovered by Merck. Such drugs enhance the quality and quantity of life around the world, and Mr. Spencer feels fortunate to be a part of such an impact.
In his role as an operations manager, Mr. Spencer is responsible for development of procedures surrounding operations, as well as working with teams to ensure effective development. Because Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Durham is in a start-up phase and will not begin production until [year], there is much developmental work to be completed, and he is an integral part of this work. He is responsible for assessing and adapting the mental models of the employees he oversees so that a new culture can be implemented at this facility. This facility will not be one that focuses on managers giving orders with subordinates carrying out these orders. Rather, the environment will be one of teamwork, with a focus on each employee owning the responsibility for the success of the facility. Mr. Spencer plans to bring his wealth of knowledge from his past experiences to his new position to help the new facility succeed.
Mr. Spencer uses both oral and written communication many times daily. He has several one-on-one, face-to-face conversations daily to communicate all types of information. He also participates in and conducts structured meetings. He has many informal conversations and e-mail exchanges each day. He writes every day in his position, with technical documents being one of the many mediums of communication he has to compose. His team members are his primary audience, and he feels that his ability to write and communicate effectively is a key component in the success of the team and facility. Mr. Spencer believes that clear, concise communication and utilization of appropriate grammatical rules are critical to promotion. He pointed out that erroneous details and a lack of details are two major downfalls for any communication in his line of work. Another recommendation that Mr. Spencer has about communication is that if the idea can be communicated through a drawing, do not write out the idea. He emphasizes the importance of using graphics to save time for the reader and to provide clear, concise data in an organized manner.
Mr. Spencer really enjoys implementing the concept of shaping a new culture at the Durham facility. He feels that this challenge is an exciting one, and he is eager to participate in its fulfillment. He least enjoys having the weight of so much responsibility on him, but he realizes that management positions usually entail such a weighted feeling. The advantages and opportunities in his position, however, certainly balance any dislikes he might have about his job. He even said that he wished he had joined Merck sooner. He advises that anyone aspiring to reach his level should never stop learning and should become involved at all levels of the organization. Mr. Spencer emphasizes that being receptive to change is critical in the culture in which we work. He highlights that leadership skills, a team spirit, and technical knowledge are essential in his position.
In interviewing Mr. Spencer, I found that he is as excited about being at Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Durham, NC, as I am. This excitement is a catalyst for learning, and I look forward to working with him and everyone else at this facility. Mr. Spencer’s dedication to effective communication and his recognition of its importance further emphasized that I must continually work on my communication skills in order to be successful in my current job and to reach for any other opportunities in the future. Without these skills, each day is much more difficult, and much time is wasted. I enjoyed hearing more about the culture that will prevail at our new facility, and I share his view of how our work impacts society. Having transferred from the Merck Wilson facility, I also have just begun employment with the Durham site. I felt that this interview was informative and helped me understand that top-notch communication skills and adaptation to the new culture at Merck will be instrumental in my career development.
Very detailed report that uses headings and is well organized to present the information!
Work Cited
Spencer, Boyd. Personal interview. .
Comments from Customer
Discipline: ENGLISH 114

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