What question will it answer? What is the structure of the report?

Posted: March 19th, 2022

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Analysis The Hershey Company (Please do not waste your word count on describing the models to us – we know them already. We want you to demonstrate their application. If you absolutely feel the need to provide a descriptor of some sort for either PESTEL or Porter’s 5 forces, consider using an image).1. Introduction (250 words)Your intro should be a preview of what the reader is about to discover; it should grab the reader’s attention and preview the approach that you have taken.Present your organization – what does the reader need to know about it?
Purpose of the report – what is the report going to do? What question will it answer?
What is the structure of the report?
2. External analysisThis section comprises the following sub-sections. 2.1 PESTEL analysis (500 words)2.1.1 Provide a summary PESTEL analysis of your organisation’s macro environment2.1.2. Identify and describe sustainability issues represented in two of the PESTEL factors. Explain the influence of these issues on future industry change. 2.2 Five forces analysis (500 words)2.2.1. Provide a summary Five Forces analysis of your organisation’s industry environment2.2.2. Identify and describe sustainability issues represented in one of the Five Forces. Explain the influence of these issues on future industry change.3.0 Conclusion (250 words)Summarise your argument focusing on one strategic opportunity and one threat facing the organisation relating to issues of sustainability. 4.0 References (Does not count towards word limit)List all the references referred to in the report. Use APA or Harvard for referencing.Report format:Maximum words: 1,500 (+-10% allowed. Appendices are not allowed. Section word limits are a guide). Line spacing: 1.5Font: Arial or Times New Roman 12 pt.Marking criteria Articulation of the issue: The purpose of the report is clearly stated and succinctly yet comprehensively explained. [Hint: consider answering the following question: What are the sustainability issues evident in the external environmental of your selected organisation?]
Analysis: Relevant/appropriate theories, concepts, frameworks, models, techniques and/or tools are applied correctly to develop a clear and comprehensive analysis of the organization. [This means you lose marks if you do not discuss sustainability or if you do not base your argument on relevant theories, models, concepts, research studies]
Position: The analysis is interpreted, evaluated, integrated and/or synthesised to support and provide a reasonably clear overall position, demonstrating independent well-reasoned judgement. [Hint: this criterion is about the ‘so what’ question – e.g. so what if customer preferences are changing re: sustainability? What does it mean for the future of the industry?]
Quality of research and referencing: relevant, appropriate and sufficient sources are included in the report. Referencing conforms to APA or Harvard Style. See note re: number of references above.
Written expression & text organisation: Text demonstrates effective planning and is clearly and appropriately structured for the purpose. Sentences are correctly structured and fluent. Written text shows proper formatting, proofreading and editing (spelling, word choice/terminology, grammar) and is the required length.
For the purposes of this assignment, you need to reference 7 academic peer-reviewed references (i.e. journal articles) that are relevant and appropriate to this assignment. This should include articles that discuss: the specifics/ or how to apply a PESTLE analysis; the specifics/ or how to apply Porter’s 5 forces; and research addressing issues of sustainability. Textbooks are NOT allowed but academic books such as research handbooks or monographs are allowed. Consider the following academic journals to consult. Academy of Management Journal. Academy of Management Perspectives. California Management Reviewed. Harvard Business Reviews. Journal of Management. Journal of Business Ethics. Leadership Quarterly. Organization Science.
You will also have to utilise news articles (online or in print) about your organisation or about the industry or the general context in which your organisation is operating. This information counts as the evidence/ context of your report, which should inform your argument. However, this is information is NOT part of the academic references. Consider the following business publications to consult: Australian Financial Review. The Australian Business Reviews. BOSS Magazine. Businessweek. Forbes. Fortune.com. The Wall Street Journal
Requirements: 1500

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