What “tests” were run to analyze data? What software was used in the data analysis process?

Posted: February 22nd, 2022

In providing patient care, nurses look in the literature for research studies that include strong evidence for current best practice. However, nurses should not assume that all research published provides sufficient quality information to apply to professional practice. Therefore, it is important that nurses know how to critique articles using specific criteria that examines strengths and weaknesses of the research.
Quantitative research examines relationships between variables. Quantitative data is measurable and usually recorded using statistics or numbers. Because quantitative data is number oriented, results and conclusions are usually clear and concise. To determine the quality, strengths, and weaknesses of quantitative research the nurse must examine specific criteria.
Find a quantitative research article related to the topic of your PICOT. Please provide a copy (.pdf) of article.
Address each of these areas:
• Identifying Information (Journal, Year, Title, Authors)
• Authors qualifications to write the article (credentials, professional affiliations).
• The problem addressed in the study
• The purpose of the study
• The research question (s) (and/or hypothesis) used in the study.
• Review of current and relevant literature (date range, types of studies)
• Sampling procedures
• Design and methods used in the study
• Ethical issues/IRB (informed consent)
• Methods for data collection and analysis. What “tests” were run to analyze data? What software was used in the data analysis process?
• Findings
• Generalizability of findings
• Study limitations
• Contributions to nursing research and practice
Please ensure the paper is scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced. References are required no later than 2018. I have attached my paper and lit review to assist in finding articles relevant to my topic. Please do not use the articles already provided.

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