What type of hospital training program are you currently involved in?  If not currently working, what type of program are you considering applying for?

Posted: March 18th, 2022

Answer the questions in 250 words
1.  What type of hospital training program are you currently involved in?  If not currently working, what type of program are you considering applying for?
2.   What factors did you consider most important when choosing a hospital training and placement program and expand upon why?
3.  Reflect on your knowledge gained and lessons learned when evaluating the factors to consider when selecting a hospital training program such as a residency, fellowship, internship, externship, and work-study.
Additionally, there are 2 post that you need to reply each with 250 words(reply as a fellow student how you would react to that answer and what you think about it)
post 1
I am not currently involved in a hospital training program. However, I do currently work at a hospital as a patient care technician on a med/surg and oncology unit. I do not plan on applying to this floor as a nurse resident but this hospital does provide nurse externships for senior level nursing students, so I may apply for a position doing that. I am currently interested in applying for a labor and delivery residency, but I am still a bit undecided.
Some of the factors that I believe are most important when applying for a hospital training program are what specialties they provide for residents, what the salary and bonuses look like, how long the residency program will be, the location and how far away the hospital may be, and what the sign on commitments are for the position. It is important to get all the information you need about the position before beginning the job because you don’t want to be stuck in a position that you don’t feel is quite right for you.
Throughout researching all of the different aspects and factors to consider while selecting the right hospital training program, I have learned a lot about what I value as most important to me. I think the best decision for myself is to switch from a patient care tech position to a nurse externship for my S2 semester and then eventually applying for a nurse residency position to start after I graduate. I am very eager and excited to begin this process and start working in a specialty that I am truly passionate about!
post 2
Since I am currently not working, I am considering applying for a residency as a GN with an open mind in regards to the specialty. However, I am greatly leaning towards the ICU or operating room. As I am in nursing school at the moment, I had chosen not to work part time, even as a tech, because I was afraid of losing sleep and time management. I know it is never too late, but I do wish that I had applied to work as a tech at a hospital. This would have given me the extra opportunity for me to scope the fields that I could potentially see myself working in.
I think that some of the most important factors to me include: salary, benefits, and the speciality. Throughout my clinical rotations, some of my nurses would talk about switching to a different field because they were too be paid more for less work. I would prefer to be able to do the same while, of course, providing the upmost quality of care to the patient. The salary would also tie in with the benefits followed along with the position. I think that choosing the specialty and area would be one of the biggest and most daunting decision to make, especially as a new graduate nurse. Since I have not been exposed to much of the area and so much to choose from, it will definitely be a tough decision to make. When deciding a hospital training program, I want to apply where I would be most suited for and gain as much experience as possible.

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