What, Why, Who, When, How (3) Conclusion 3. Focus on the most critical process based on the attribute and metrics you find for a five-star hotel.

Posted: March 9th, 2022

The Setting: Quality at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Ritz-Carlton. The name alone evokes images of luxury and quality. As the first hotel company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Ritz treats quality as if it is the heartbeat of the company. This means a daily commitment to meeting customer expectations and making sure that each hotel is free of any deficiency. In the hotel industry, quality can be hard to quantify. Guests do not purchase a product when they stay at the Ritz: They buy an experience. Thus, creating the right combination of elements to make the experience stand out is the challenge and goal of every employee, from maintenance to management. Before applying for the Baldrige Award, company management undertook a rigorous self-examination of its operations in an attempt to measure and quantify quality. Nineteen processes were studied, including room service delivery, guest reservation and registration, message delivery, and breakfast service. This period of self-study included statistical measurement of process work flows and cycle times for areas ranging from room service delivery times and reservations to valet parking and housekeeping efficiency. The results were used to develop performance benchmarks against which future activity could be measured. With specific, quantifiable targets in place, Ritz-Carlton managers and employees now focus on continuous improvement. In this case study, you will deliver a presentation that addresses the following questions. Questions: Make a list of hotel attributes that are important to you as a customer. Think like a customer and brainstorm a list of attributes that are important when it comes to selecting a hotel in which to stay. Briefly discuss each attribute. Now, think like the operations manager and translate those attributes into a measurable process. Associate with each attribute/customer requirement a measure that would ensure that the process meets the requirement just as Ritz-Carlton did. You do not need to create a house of quality, but you need specific, quantitative measures. Your Case Study Assignment will be written in the form of a memorandum. The memo should be formatted as follows: Use the sections in the Purdue OWL format (Heading Segment, Opening Segment, Context, Task Segment, Discussion Segments, Closing Segment, and Necessary Attachments). Although this is a business memorandum and not an APA paper, you will be doing research to organize your thoughts and support your assertions. We need to document those sources to give proper credit to the authors and avoid plagiarism. You must use at least 2 scholarly sources in your research and they should be documented in APA manual 7th ed. format. Remember, this is an organizational communication document so it should flow. You don’t want to merely state the question number and then answer it. Make your thoughts and analysis flow with a coherent purpose. Here are some answers to other potential questions related to the Case Study Assignment: The minimum number of references is two. They can be any credible and scholarly references. Remember, these should be business-related references and not just references for hotel services. Be sure to cite the references in your memo. Make sure that in question 2, you identify quantitative (numerical) measurements. 1. Memorandum needs five pages 2. Structure of Memo: (1) Executive Summary (less than 500 words of the most important results or action items of your suggestions); (2) What, Why, Who, When, How (3) Conclusion 3. Focus on the most critical process based on the attribute and metrics you find for a five-star hotel. 4. The post example demonstrates a suitable format, but you need to develop the contents from your research. 5. Your role is operations manager. The memo is written to your boss.

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