Which of the following is a strategic implementation used by McDonald’s? Keeping prices low to build market share

Posted: February 25th, 2022

BZ48S : International Management
Question 1
Representatives of a multinational firm seek an interview with local government leaders in the Department of Commerce in Argonia with a view to assess the types of policies likely to be implemented. According to Mathis, this is an example of a __________ approach.
Question 2
The Anti-Sweatshop Code of Conduct requires companies to provide a healthy and safe work environment and to:
differentiate on the basis of gender.
pay the prevailing local minimum wage.
reduce environmental footprints.
employ forced labor when the situation demands it.
Question 3
Austria and Germany value competition and have a “can-do” attitude. Therefore, according to the GLOBE project, Austria and Germany are most likely to be __________ societies.
Question 4
Which of the following is NOT a critical operational value difference?
Material factors
Question 5
Trust improves cross-cultural communication by:
making sure that all of the business transactions are based on arm’s-length relationships.
replacing formal legal contracts for global firms.
encouraging the open exchange of ideas and information.
helping people plan for known circumstances.
Question 6
When Disney decided to build a park in Paris, the French government gave Disney prime farmland just outside the city limits. This is most likely an example of a firm expanding overseas due to:
globalization of competitors.
restrictive trade barriers.
home country regulations.
provision of incentives.
Question 7
Which of the following is a strategic implementation used by McDonald’s?
Keeping prices low to build market share
Altering menu items significantly to match cultural norms
Using American managers to run international franchises
Forming joint ventures with foreign restaurants to enter new markets
Question 8
In addition to the global war for talent, there are considerable strategic competitive challenges for firms. Which of the following is one such challenge?
Increasing talent in order to lower the costs of operations
Relocating operations around the world
Obtaining competent talent at higher wages than competitors
Obtaining talent using a regiocentric approach
Question 9
Effective human resource management of a company’s global cadre ends with:
allocation of an overseas assignment to the executive.
successful repatriation of the executive into company headquarters.
preparing the executive for cultural differences.
providing foreign-language training to the executive.
Question 10
Blackmoor Industries is an American firm that manufactures automotive parts. The firm has several manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and one in a foreign country. Blackmoor’s global managers have recently reported that workers in the foreign facility are more comfortable with the traditional division of work and roles. Consequently, flexible roles and work networks are unlikely to find favor in this particular facility, unlike in those spread across the U.S. If this information is true, which of the following can be fittingly inferred about Blackmoor’s foreign facility’s location?
It is in a low uncertainty avoidance culture.
It is in a highly individualist culture.
It is in a masculine culture.
It is in a low power distance culture.

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