Which of the three theories, in your view, is most useful in explaining the crime you chose

Posted: March 18th, 2022

Week 5 Application of Theory
Criminological theory exists to assist persons in gaining insight into crime and criminal justice. Such theories are used to explain the purpose and creation of law, patterns of criminal activity, and the consequences for those who break of the law. Good theories are recognized for their clarity, logical consistency, scope, parsimony, testability, heuristic or practical usefulness, and empirical validity. Theories are created for both macro- and micro-application and can be used in policy making.
How to Apply a Criminological Theory to a Case Study
A case study approach will allow you to apply theories studied in this course to a
specific crime. You will search online and identify an article about a crime that you find of interest. Next, you will select three theories studied in this course and explain how useful the theory is in explaining the crime committed, the criminal, and the victim(s). Theories to be considered are:
1) Labeling Theory;
2) Social Structure Theory;
3) Strain Theory;
4) Neutralization Theory;
5) Social Control Theory.
Please follow the following format:
Introduction: Discuss in general the topic of the paper.
Description: Provide the specifics of the crime. What is already known about this crime regarding trends, prevalence, incidence, costs to society, and victim-offender relationships?
Application of Theory: How useful is each theory you have chosen in explaining the crime? What weaknesses do you see in each theory in its application to explain this specific crime?
Summary: Which of the three theories, in your view, is most useful in explaining the crime you chose. Next, briefly discuss any implications this theory may have for criminal justice policies. What do you propose the criminal justice system try to do to address this type of crime given the explanatory impact of this theory?
The sources you may use for this Assignment include the article on the crime you chose, your textbook, and two peer-reviewed journal articles. You must use APA citations.
Identify an article about a crime that you find of interest.
Select three theories from the following list:
Labeling Theory;
Social Structure Theory;
Strain Theory;
Neutralization Theory;
Social Control Theory.
Review the theories presented in the video Forensic Insights: Theories of Criminal Behavior in your Learning Resources.
Review the Learning Resources related to theories

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