Why isn’t the rest of the world like you people in here?”

Posted: February 25th, 2022

Be sure to complete all parts of the prompt and be sure to provide appropriate links so other students can access the articles, PPT, etc about which you are posting. For a post or response to count it must be a minimum of 125 words.
1. You might hear any of the following statements in a group, especially during the working stage. Members often give us clues in the wording of their sentences, and it helps to be able to follow these leads. With the sentences that follow, use your reading and other academic references that show how you might design some technique or intervention aimed at helping the member further explore his or her thoughts and feelings. Try to think of ways of intervening that would facilitate members in bringing personal struggles into the group itself, rather than simply discussing the problems as something outside the group. Of course, it is not suggesting that you restrict yourself to a single sentence as the basis for your work with a member. This discussion is designed to give you practice in thinking of ways to follow such leads.
a. “I don’t feel appreciated by anyone in my family. I just give and they just take, and I’m tired of it!”
b. “Nobody ever listens to me. I really don’t feel understood.”
c. “As long as I can remember, I have felt different. I don’t feel like I have much in common with everyone else in here. It’s hard for me to feel a part of this group.”
d. “I really want to get close to people, but at the same time I keep putting up barriers that keep people away from me. I am really confused.”
e. “I want to ask for group time, but I feel like I spend too much time talking about my problems. Others are probably going to get tired of hearing me talk so much!”
f. “You (speaking to the leader) remind me so much of my father. He always has the right thing to say, and I feel so stupid around him—just as I do around you!”
g. “I’m so sad, and yet I’m so afraid to let go and cry. My fear is that if I did let go I would never stop crying. And I am also afraid of getting stuck in a deep depression if I give in to my feelings.”
h. “I love the support I feel in my group, yet it’s hard for me to do at home and at work what I do in here. Out there I feel I must play a role and do what everyone else expects of me. In here I can be who I am and be accepted for that. Why isn’t the rest of the world like you people in here?”

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