Would you get in touch with someone, finish your career, pursue your dreams, change for the better?

Posted: March 21st, 2022

a personal statement that responds to one of the prompts below (personal statement should be double spaced and between 250-750 words): 1. If you learned today that the world would end in exactly 6 years, what would you do? Would you get in touch with someone, finish your career, pursue your dreams, change for the better? or 2. Consider the critical lessons, advice, and philosophy that a current or former teacher/professor, coach, supervisor, or family member has imparted on you. Share how their influence has impacted your personal, academic, and/or professional career. Describe how you would take the principles learned from them to further your success Academic Resume doesnt seem to have requirements but an example was provided Some ideas my family came from Ukraine 5 years ago to reunite with my family to pursue a better life and get away from the conflict in the event it spread down the road (which it has) my mom, me and my brother reunited with my Grandma who came to America after the fall of the soviet union. Grandma always stressed appreciating and saving whatever food/money we had since she lived through the soviet union and communist rule of Ukraine. my mom always stressed no matter what to have a strong family and rely/support one another so we can see through the hard times and celebrate the good ones. family always pushed me to be the best we can to make better lives and they mean the world to me, as well as doing good for other people. I hope to one day for a peaceful spot in the world. but open to any help or ideas for the prompt . I mainly had academics because most my time I worked and took care of my family over the last 5 years. So i didnt spend much time doing volunteer work. Mainly working to pay rent and support my family. I do have good grades and made the deans list as well

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