Write a diary/journal authored from the perspective of a fictional character (th

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

Write a diary/journal authored from the perspective of a fictional character (the description of the fiction character is attached). The Journal is meant to cover “the day in the life of” your character (not days, weeks, or a year in retrospect). This journal entry is set for 1961-1962 where your avatar is around 60 years of age, so that we can see the progression of your avatar throughout the war years in your subsequent journal entries. Really try to dig into what someone at her age would think and feel. What would she see given the environment she’s in? It’s okay if your avatar isn’t privy to everything going on around them, and definitely doesn’t have to be in the center of the action, just so long as they’re living their lives through the given time frame and perhaps noticing how the world is changing – and in particular their world. Think about the age of your avatar, what she likes, what she wants, who she wants to be – and then consider how the world around her is affecting those things. Essentially you want to show the time period (through showing rather than telling) but do so as if you’re an 43 yr old experiencing the world (so kind of emotional rather than rational, think about what adults care about- maybe a love interest?, etc. ). Please check the attached document for instructions and this journal should be about the year 1961-1962 only. The other Journals are attached please use it as a reference for the year1961-1962. This shouldn’t be history heavy its more on the creative side.
BE CREATIVE, maybe while writing her day in a life write a poem or something or add PICTURES that represents what you are stating. Also add a unique title to the journal.
I want the writer U423923.

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