you will choose ONE of the following promptsDoes Armand love Desiree?

Posted: March 22nd, 2022

you will choose ONE of the following prompts
Does Armand love Desiree? Support your answer with specific textual references. Compare and contrast this to how Desiree feels about Armand.
How does Chopin use diction in her favor to evoke feelings of sympathy for Desiree and her child as they are walking into the bayou? Cite specific diction and explain the connotative impact of this word choice. What is symbolic about Desiree’s death?
What might the fire at the end of the story symbolize? Explain your rationale. How does this contrast with the symbolism of Desiree’s death?
Look at the names in the story: Desiree, La Blanche, L’Abri, Valmonde and Armand. What is the associated meaning of each name and how does that relate to the story?

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